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In the heart of the Louisiana bayou, where the Spanish moss hangs like ancient guardians of time, there thrives a spirit so entwined with the land, it is said to be the very soul of the South. This is the realm of Hambone, a self-taught Author and Artist whose hands are as much a part of the bayou as the alligators that glide through its waters.

Hambone’s story is one of deep roots and resolute passion. Born to the melody of Creole chants and the rhythm of Choctaw drums, he grew up where the land whispers tales of the past and the sky paints dreams of the future. As a boy, he would watch the elders paint the history of their people onto the rough-hewn walls of their homes. It was here, among these living canvases, that Hambone’s love for art and storytelling took breath. He has been able to bring out a pictorial history with his brushwork what sets him apart from any other American folk artist. His paintings, far more than mere symbols, are vibrant chronicles of life’s realities, painting a nation’s growth through the eyes of its everyday heroes.

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